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The Astrology Hub Podcast

Feb 5, 2020

Robert Ohotto has quite an eclectic and diverse background. He's studied everything from mythology to Christian Mysticism, Kabbalah, Jungian Psychology, Tarot, Buddhism, Eastern Mystical Philosophy and Western Hermeticism. Robert's pursuit of psychology and noticing its limitations in understanding the human soul led him down the road to astrology that he's still on today.
His work has been featured everywhere from Oprah Radio, Fortune Magazine, Lifetime and the History Channel. For three years he taught alongside the medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, Carolyn Myss, where he sharpened the intuitive skills that were awakening inside of him as he studied.
In today's episode, Robert and I are diving into the role intuition plays in looking at people's charts, and how astrology changes as consciousness changes.

This episode is for you if you're interested in things like…

  • The awakening of our DNA into a quantum archetypal universe. How to use patterns to change your life
  • Whether or not you choose as a soul to come to planet earth and why you were born during this axial astrological shift into Aquarius.
  • How to turn the lead of your fate into gold.
  • Chiron's role as an archetype and force we're maturing through in the Aquarian age.
  • How we're moving into more of an X factor space where even the gods don't know what you'll do next because the mystical laws of this life are actually changing.
  • And how planets are grids of power that we can connect into and how to communicate with the planets in a magical way.
    I hope you enjoy hearing from Robert as much as I love talking to him. With that said, let's give Robert our full attention as he explores these intriguing topics and so much more. 


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