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The Astrology Hub Podcast

Feb 20, 2019

I realized this is the heart of the astrological tradition. This is what astrology used to be. We used to be priests and priestesses of the stars. - Donna Woodwell.

At your weakest, most powerful, or perhaps in an everyday moment...

Have you felt warm chills swell from within and chase across your skin giving way to a humming, natural high? Have you sensed that you are part of something bigger, protective and benevolent that knows you at the depths of your soul?

If you have, then it is possible you’ve already sensed the power of Shamanic Astrology.

Tune in to hear Master Astrologer and Teacher, Donna Woodwell’s path to Shamanic Astrology, and how it is possible to feel connected and work with planets without reading a birth chart. And remarkably, how you could change your entire life, heal from within, by tapping into the magic woven through you and your world.

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